What's up with all the fuzz regarding organic products?

Was genau bedeutet biologische Landwirtschaft? - el origen
Before starting the project, we knew that organic agriculture had to be good, right? But why exactly is that? And what are the benefits in comparison to traditional agriculture? It has to do somehow with pesticides, right? Well yes, but it has to do with some other stuff too.

Ecuador has the largest biodiversity in the world in relation to its area. Specially if you look at the tropical rain forest on the Amazonas and the mountain forests on the Andes. These areas are the home of many animal and plant species that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Pretty cool, huh?

But biodiversity and nature are being threatened, because economic interests have prevailed against the conservation of nature. Traditional agriculture is part of this problem. For example, plantain trees are covered with plastic wraps to create a favorable microclimate so that the fruits ripe faster. This might make sense from an economic perspective, but it creates so much waste! Totally unnecessary. What is also pretty bad, is that these plastic bags are filled with pesticides to repel harmful insects. When the plantains are harvested the plastic and the pesticides are thrown away and pollute our environment and the home of these animals and plants. Pretty f@!&% up, right?

It gets worse. During their three-month growth period, the plantain trees are sprayed with chemicals on a regular basis. This helps to protect the harvest and prevent such things as bacteria, mold, worms, insects, etc. By doing this 44 kg of chemicals per hectare are placed on the soil and make their way into the drinking water of the area. The environmental damage and the health effects on the population are considerable.

All of this can be avoided if we support organic agriculture. No plastic. No pesticides. That is why with our products, we want to support Ecuador with the protection of their natural resources and our planet in the end.

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