A new everyday life: Hello Corona-Blues

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After getting up, take an online yoga class, do your daily workout in the morning, enjoy a piece of banana bread in the afternoon while reading the new book and putting on a face mask. This is exactly how many people would like to be when they think about the current pandemic - This ideal image is presented to us by the social media.

The reality often looks different - the apartment is transformed: into an office, playground, restaurant and recreation area all at once.

The Corona virus currently affects us all: social contacts are reduced to a minimum, most of us are sitting in our home office, and everyday life now takes place largely in our own department. While for one person it sounds like relaxed working from the sofa, the next person sees the opportunity to tackle all the things he or she has ever wanted to do. Nevertheless, there are also many people who suffer from isolation and face new challenges. And that does not mean the missing toilet paper.

Especially working parents with children who are no longer allowed to attend the Kindergarten are suddenly faced with the task of balancing family, career and "selfcare". Childcare and professional tasks now have to be organized on their own and work has to be done in places that are not really made for the home office. There is often no time for recreation.

Still others experience the so-called "cabin fever" due to the unfamiliar situation. Even if current measures to contain the pandemic are correct - a cappuccino in your favorite café, a visit to the cinema or a beer with friends after work are missing.
And even if current social media content gives the impression that the day can be used perfectly to work on yourself, you can still make yourself comfortable in front of the TV.

Regardless of how we currently experience the pandemic - especially now it is important to face everyday life with positive thoughts and serenity! That's why we have summarized four tips for you, which hopefully will help you to continue to master the crisis with mental strength and level-headedness.

Create a morning routine
Routines, no matter how short they are, help take the load off your brain. It is also super important not to move directly from bed to work. A tea paired with relaxing music and a 5-minute meditation can make a big difference and lift your spirits in the morning.

Create a to-do list
Everybody knows it: at the end of the day you are exhausted and yet the feeling of no having accomplished anything. If you write down little To Do's every day, which you can check off, you give yourself a nice feeling and realize what you have accomplished!

Put your cell phone away
Even if we want to maintain our social contacts right now - the temptation is great to use social media all day long to see what's happening outside your own department. But even that quickly leads to a false idea of how to organize your everyday life in today's world. Instead, it is better to set up time slots to gain valuable time for yourself.

Make positive thoughts
Isolation is annoying. We think so too. Nevertheless, it does not help to get lost in negative thoughts. Next time, think about what great things you can do when we have overcome the crisis. And always remember: out of every crisis, we emerge stronger! Of course it is perfectly legitimate and human to be really annoyed, stressed or anxious in the current situation. Nevertheless, positive thoughts should determine our everyday life.

To take care of oneself and to listen into oneself is more important today than ever. "What is good for me?" should be a question that everyone asks themselves and which everyone can answer for themselves personally. How the answer looks like, you decide all by yourself. Doing something that you enjoy is currently the best way to stay healthy and productive. And if that means watching your favorite TV show on the sofa from 7 p.m. on and eating the second bag of chips in a row instead of working on your own self-optimization, that's absolutely fine.

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