Our plantain chips are the winner of the Good Food Award 2020

Unsere Kochbananen Chips sind der Gewinner des Good Food Award 2020 🎉 - el origen

For the fifth time in a row, the editorial departments of the two major lifestyle and fitness magazines in Germany have granted the Good Food Awards. The jury of food editors from WOMEN'S HEALTH and MEN'S HEALTH tested our el origen plantain chips in detail and was so convinced that they awarded them the Good Food Award 2020.

Our plantain chips are a new, innovative snack experience from Latin America made from 100% natural ingredients without additives and a real alternative to classic potato chips. In Latin America, plantains are one of the traditional staple foods and have enjoyed great popularity for a long time.

Our chips are organic, vegan, without palm oil and gluten-free. For the production of our chips we work directly with small farmers in Ecuador. Through our commitment to direct trade standards, we can provide long-term relationships to the farmers in the cooperatives and support fairer working conditions. At the same time, our demand promotes the expansion of organic farming and protects the country and its resources - the valuable Amazon region.

Therefore our plantain chips are a real good food and have convinced the jury.

Want to try our delicious organic chips? Then you can order your Snack Package directly in our online shop.

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