Barbecue style pulled mushrooms on plantain chips

Vegan Food Porn Alert! ūüöÄūüĆĪ

Barbecue style pulled mushrooms on plantain chips

Wow - we are in love with this vegan Pulled Pork variation based on mushrooms by Ken (on Instagram: talesofhorizon) ūüėć

Here is the recipe for you:

Ingredients for three portions:

1 package of our organic plantain chips Paprika

4 king oyster mushrooms‚Ā†‚†Ä
40ml water‚Ā†‚†Ä
10ml apple cider vinegar‚Ā†‚†Ä
1 teaspoon agave syrup‚Ā†‚†Ä
40g tomato paste‚Ā†‚†Ä
20g mustard‚Ā†‚†Ä
15g of Sriracha‚Ā†‚†Ä
1 teaspoon sweet paprika powder‚Ā†‚†Ä
1 teaspoon paprika powder rose spicy‚Ā†‚†Ä
1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika powder‚Ā†‚†Ä
1 teaspoon garlic powder‚Ā†‚†Ä
1/2 teaspoon salt‚Ā†‚†Ä
Sunflower oil for frying‚Ā†‚†Ä

Garnish: Lime juice, Parsley, Guacamole‚Ā†‚†Ä

How to:‚Ā†‚†Ä
1. Pull the king oyster mushrooms with a fork. Now pluck the individual strands from the‚Ā†‚†Ä
El Origen‚Ā†‚†Ä
mushroom in order to achieve the typical ‚Äúpulled mushroom‚ÄĚ style.‚Ā†‚†Ä
2. Combine all of the remaining ingredients in a large bowl to make a marinade and mix it well‚Ā†‚†Ä
with a whisk.‚Ā†‚†Ä
3. Now add the mushrooms and cover them with the marinade. Let them soak in for 30 minutes.‚Ā†‚†Ä
4. Preheat a pan on medium heat. Keep the the remaining marinade in the bowl. While frying use‚Ā†‚†Ä
a little bit of oil and fry them until they‚Äôre golden brown. At least 5 minutes.‚Ā†‚†Ä
5. Place the BBQ mushrooms on a plate with the plantain chips and serve with guacamole, fresh‚Ā† parsley and lime juice.‚Ā†‚†Ä

Bon Appetit!

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