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A look behind the scenes

Who are our founders?

May we introduce
The two have known each other for many years and are good friends. Together they already started different projects in the field of sustainability and social engagement.

Gordon comes from Hamburg and has golden curls (which may not say anything about his character, but will make some hearts beat faster). Many of you probably know him from his Youtube or Instagram channel vegan ist ungesund, with which he does a lot of educational work for animal welfare and vegan nutrition and has even been seen on TV.

Mathyas comes from Mexico and is therefore not only the absolute expert for reggaeton hits or telenovelas, but also a specialist when it comes to the taste experiences from Latin America. He has been living in Hamburg for several years now and has worked in the advertising industry for big corporations for a long time. But something was always missing in that career: the meaning behind the work and the connection to his roots in Latin America.

At some point, the two had the desire to make a difference with their work and to make the world a little bit better. They have already founded an advertising agency for sustainable brands together and know that, in addition to their friendship, they also harmonize perfectly as business partners.

With el origen food, the dream duo wants to have an even greater direct impact:

Through their way of business - long-term cooperations with local cooperatives - a sustainable impact can take place in Latin America. Organic agriculture is not yet widespread in the region compared to conventional agriculture. Through our demand, we can help to strengthen organic agriculture and provide higher salaries and better working conditions for local farmers. So we can both protect nature and support people to have a better life. And we can do all this with products that are delicious, fun to eat, and were unheard of in Europe.

Gordon and Mathyas not only complement each other very well visually (golden tangle of hair vs. perfectly styled hairstyle), but also in their way of doing things. In combination, the two are unbeatable!

We would describe it like this: Sympathetic frontman meets well-structured gentleman. Or: How Gordon inspires the customers with his charm and drives the team crazy with his chaotic way. And how Mathyas, with his calm manner, always keeps an overview and hands out new to-dos with a smile on his lips.

The secret recipe: the two of them recognized early on how important it is to have a good team. We are happy to be able to accompany them on this project.

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The journey to date has been wild, challenging
and exciting

From the idea to the foundation and launch of the first products, it has been a long road with ups and downs. Almost a year of preparation, deep know-how about the market, good financing and a highly motivated team helped to successfully place the products on the first shelves.

The biggest challenge was to establish the entire supply chain and good communication from all parties involved: from the producer in Ecuador, to the organic certification body, to the service provider for transport and logistics, to the delivery to the first customers. And all this without any knowledge of the food industry.

Mathyas and Gordon have big ambitions for the future and want everyone to think about new, delicious taste experiences from Latin America and support the mission behind each product when thinking about el origen. "We want to make a difference together and not operate at the expense of our planet. That's why we also want to raise awareness about sustainability." To achieve this, we want our products to be as widely available as possible in Europe and to be found in many points of sale.

And now listen carefully, because here comes some life wisdom.

From Gordon. From Mathyas. To you! And to all other aspiring founders:

"Have the courage to make mistakes. We ourselves made some mistakes in the beginning and learned a lot from them. All decisions, whether right or wrong, bring you further and expand your knowledge.

Stand by yourselves and your ideas. Don't give up so quickly, keep working on yourself, get better and try again.

Accept help! When you get stuck or face seemingly unsolvable problems, seek advice from those around you. Often help comes from unexpected directions and together you are much stronger than you think. We have made the experience that startups from the food industry always have an open ear for each other. Find people who will join you on the journey, share the mission, and pull together." (Luckily we have the best team).

"Take time to celebrate successes. Even if the mountain of tasks sometimes seems unmanageable, when you achieve sub-goals, take the time to pause for a moment and be proud of yourself for getting this far.

Founding means courage and perseverance."

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